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The Basis of Relativism February 22, 2007

Posted by earthking in Philosophy.

It always strikes me as odd that people don’t take a step back from current issues and analyze them using critical thinking.  I find too many people take news at face value instead of questioning constantly what is being thrown at them.  Or maybe a movie- they watch it without making sure that what goes into their mind is right or true.  On the notion of truth, there are many, many people who deny that there is an absolute truth or absolute morality.  I hope to at least enlighten some with some of my own thoughts, since the background stems from philosophy, of which I studied for my undergraduate degree. 

First off, we must define truth, since to talk about it we must be on the same ground.  Truth is defined as the conformity between my mind and an object or my mind and that which is outside of my mind.  This notion of truth is what forms the basis of the debate which has been going on since the times of Plato and Aristotle.  This is nothing new, which can be a surprise to many who claim to be “on the cutting edge” of ideas.  Ha!  That’s funny! 

So, the real question is:  does my mind conform to objects outside of my mind?  It is a very important question that we all must ask ourselves since it carries profound consequences for our lives.  If my mind is trapped within itself, then maybe what I see is just a movie inside of my head; almost like a dream that is made up.  The movies ‘The Matrix” is a type of example of this type of thinking…sort of.  Or maybe I am like a fish in the ocean that can only know what is inside the ocean, nothing else.  But, if my mind can conform to objects and know objects outside of the mind as they really are, then that means that I am at least capable of truth.  I may not always exercise truth-capacity, but I have the capability.  For example, 2+2=4, but a child who hasn’t studied math yet will not know this.  If I have truth-capacity, then I have an obligation to seek out the truth and strive to live according to it, or else I am a coward and a hypocrite. 

 To go about this discussion, I will use the following method: 

1)no assumptions

2)I will demonstrate that man has truth-capacity, not just use verbal/written argument

3)I will not doubt that I have truth-capacity- doubting is unnatural and is contradictory.  If I say I have no truth capacity, then it is false.  If it is true, then I have truth-capacity. 

Adios for now.  Keep posted to see the development of the topic. 



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