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Hillary Clinton on Gays- Bullshit! March 15, 2007

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I just read a news article concerning Hillary Clinton commenting on gays and immorality after the comment by Peter Pace, the Joint Chief of Staff.  Pace said that he thinks homosexual acts are immoral.  Hillary Clinton said that people are entitle to their opinion, but that does not give them the right to impose their beliefs onto the public.  That’s bullshit!  OK….so by not doing anything to hinder the gays/lesbians from spreading their lifestyle, she imposes her views of immorality on the public!  Am I wrong?  She explicitly said that she stands by the gays a few weeks ago.  Therefore, her public policy will impose her views of morality on the public by passing laws that help gays and lesbians continue getting their lifestyles accepted into our society.  On top of that, isn’t a democracy supposed to be ruled by the majority opinion?  I highly doubt that the majority of American believe homosexuality to be normal.  Come on folks!  This is stupid!  We can no longer let this rhetoric affect our thinking.  I believe that the liberals are much more intolerant than conservatives.  All that they do is sell their views a little better than conservatives.  Personally, I am a moderate, accepting views from all sides and parties.  I don’t believe that one party holds all of the answers to our problems.  Can I get an “Amen” from cyberspace from anybody? 



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