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The Evolution Circle- I just don’t understand the Liberals!!! August 7, 2007

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I was listening to a talk radio show yesterday and heard a man who was a staunch supporter of evolution make absolutely no sense at all.  He claimed that we all came from micro-organisms and are all essentially just evolved particles.  Yet, he cried out against the war and said how evil it was for us to be in Iraq.  He also went on about how slavery was so morally wrong, etc., etc.  For the record, I don’t care what people believe about evolution, as long as they don’t sound illogical and atheistic.  Deriving atheism from the theory of evolution is like saying that the earth goes around the sun because I ate ice cream.  Why is it that absurd?  Because science is not theology.  It deals with the physical world according to the scientific method.  All that science can say is that a material deity probably does not exist, since they have not seen one. 

Anyway, you will notice many liberals support the idea of evolution, yet they cry out for peace and for pulling the troops out of Iraq, and they even bemoan the extinction of species of animals.  I’ve even heard how they hate America because the white man destroyed the “Native Americans.”  (Yes, I will be a little politically correct and not call them Indians.)  Hold on now, am I missing something?  If evolution occurs, then why should we call anything evil?  It is the survival of the fittest!  We shouldn’t let humans screw with nature, right?!  Yet, they try to change the course of evolution with their own action. 

If the liberals are trying to screw with evolution, I wonder why they believe in the theory anyway…..

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