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What do pro-choicers think? Comments strongly encouraged (especially by pro-choicers) September 11, 2007

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Today at work, a fellow woman co-worker and I were talking about politics, which you should never do at work anyway, ha ha.  And, she brought up how she would never vote for Mit Romney simply because he was against abortion.  I piped up and said that because of his pro-life stance, he would be a favorable candidate for my vote, although that is not the only issue I like him for.  Then we went on about abortion and women’s rights, which I think is just a euphemism for murder.  However, I would like to bring up the fact that a very important point was brought up that pro-lifers really need to think about:  the social consequences of abolishing Roe vs. Wade. 

Let’s suppose that in the next few year Roe vs. Wade is abolished or tamed somehow.  You now have thousands, if not millions of teenage girls that are pregnant and scared.  The chances of a teenage boy sticking around to help with the baby is probably not very good.  After all, manhood has been mostly stripped from boys nowadays.  Men are no longer committed as they used to be.  Gay rights fly in the faces of young boys when they are as young as 6 years old in “sex education” classes.  With the increase of fatherless homes, how could a boy grow up into a man?  Classic role models in sports are now few and far between.  Am I wrong?  So, the chances of a young girl who is pregnant getting help from the child’s father is slim. 

 In some cases, the girl’s family might disown her for being a whore if abortion is abolished.  I think this is definitely one reason why many young women get abortions.  The social pressures can easily disappear with a visit to the abortion clinic.  I am rusty on the legal aspects of this, but I’m sure there are states that allow for a girl under 18 to get an abortion without her parents even knowing about it.  (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

 Poverty would most likely increase with the surge in teenage pregnancies and women who give birth out of wedlock.  The American Enterprise Institute has figures on the income levels of single households vs households with married people.  There is a difference in income.  Check them out, they have some good bi-partisan stuff on their website.  So, poverty would increase. 

 Another consequence- the population would increase, especially in urban areas.  An increase in population might also put stress on the economics of cities and towns.  This might not be guaranteed, but I think it is possible.  It would most likely take time for cities and towns to react, and obviously the surge in population would not occur overnight.  But, it would happen.  (I am very skeptical of the overpopulation myth, but there would undoubtedly be an increase in population.)

And on and on and on…..The fact is people is that there would be social consequences.  The moral of the story is that the abortion issue is not so cut and dry.  People who are against abortion need to realize this and step up to the plate to assist with these social problems.  I would go so far as to argue that one of the causes of abortion could be poverty….extreme poverty.  I could be wrong, but couldn’t this be true?  Wouldn’t you feel frustrated if right now you are barely paying the bills, and then BAM, you are pregnant?  Heck, I’d feel frustrated! 

All said and done, pro-lifers need to expand their minds and think about the entire abortion problem, not just the murdering of innocent babies.  Please comment.  I will try to write more often. 



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