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Posted by earthking in Life, Philosophy, Politics, Religion.

Today I talked with the liberal queen in my office who said that the concept of a lifetime commitment in marriage is wrong- it just creates frustration for people and that probably wasn’t the way it was meant to be.  This is a complete perversion of what it means to be a man.  Doing what is right as opposed to what you want to do is the true measure of a man.  The aversion of man’s loyalty to commitment brings him to the level of a beast or animal.  Marriage, and for that matter, all commitment, takes work.  There will be times when men will want to throw in the towel.  But for the man who thinks of wavering from the path of commitment due to temptation must rise to the test to prove his commitment.  Our culture is perverse and what appears to be mainstream is demeaning to real manhood.  BEWARE OF WIMPS!



1. Tim Kurek - September 13, 2007

Amen. Our society has bred a bunch of hormone driven, selfish MALES. But MEN are hard to find. MALES don’t even actually care about women or their wives, but MEN care about serving, protecting, and loving the people close to them. Women out there, please find a man. Here’s a sure way to see if he is a man…. Does he fear the Lord? If he does then you are in luck, if not, he will most likely fail you as a leader and a helpmate.

tim kurek

2. The Truth - September 15, 2007

What bunch of…. Men are bombarded by women who hate them or use them by tempting them with secula innuendo, patial nudity and the list goes on and on. If women were bomarded with the same things I think the story would be entierly reversed or similar. It is still a matter of historically the male being the bread winner and women who could not fit that rold either were supported by the male or used they “skills” as getting money from men. Now that more and more women are in powerful roles and bread winners it is just a matter of time that this coins will turn and the MEN will be complaining where are the decent, wholesome Woemen. Oh BTW this is talk of PURITANS like they are the ONLY religion on the Earth.
There are Moslems, Chrisitian, Jews and many for religions each with their own BELIEFS of HOW things should “be”. If Society is in charge here them since probalbyt 15 percent of thi earnings or much higher are paying for Porn sites then THAT is the “norm” not some extrtemist religious Priests tht take a vow and then abuse there parents kids in the congregation one after another. So there! and watch Georgias Rule, the movie The issie is muh more compleex than Good and Bad.

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