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Main political differences: am I wrong? September 18, 2007

Posted by earthking in Conservatives, Liberals, Philosophy, Politics.

My family was not very political when I was growing up, so I am sort of new to the whole politics thing.  But, it seems to me that the Republicans and Democrats fundamentally are different when it comes to solving problems.  Please correct me if I’m wrong so I can learn. 

 The Republicans nowadays stress free enterprise and less government to solve problems.  They see the free markets as solving most problems since supply will meet demand.  If people want better cars, then the car companies will have to make better cars or else their sales will drop.  If people want healthcare, then the government needs to step away from the game and let the markets provide better medicine.  If the markets provide better medicine, people will buy it.  Essentially, everything is driven by money when it comes to Republicans…or so it seems.

 Democrats, on the other hand, seem to view big corporations and the free market as stomping out the rights of the people.  Government needs to protect people from the greedy corporations who just want to make tons of money without respite.  The view it as the job of government to protect especially those who are most vulnerable, since the wealthy can pretty much take care of themselves.  Just look into history and you will see what happens to workers if their rights are not protected. 

Is this a fair view of both parties…in a nutshell? 



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