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Chicago leases parking meters- wastefullness of government January 5, 2009

Posted by earthking in Uncategorized.

I’m not sure if anyone has recently heard the news that the city of Chicago is leasing the parking meters to Morgan Stanley for just over $1 Billion for a 75-year lease.  However, Chicago, i.e., the police, are still going to enforce the parking regulations.  Why the F&*% are we paying our cops to monitor and enforce a private enterprise’s rules???  During the summer of 2008, the city of Chicago claimed more lives because of murders than that of American troops in Iraq.  Yet, the cops are enforcing stupid parking regulations and now they are doing it for a private company!!!  Furthermore, the city government of Chicago is so corrupt that I guarantee you they didn’t even need the money from the lease anyway.  The residents of the city pay so much money in property taxes, parking fees, cigarette and alcohol taxes, etc. that there is absolutely no reason they need more money.  What the city government needs is a little audit from an accounting firm.  Somebody is stealing money from the city coffers.  The lease was a short-term fix for a long-term problem–> corrupt government that wastes my money.  What is the next thing they will lease to Morgan Stanley- the police department?  This is insanity.



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