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Your Rights…Explained April 4, 2009

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The recent news about the Obama administration wanting to change the laws to deny doctors their conscience rights is extremely alarming.  In essence, it would force doctors to perform procedures, such as abortion or sterilization, even if their conscience would be violated.  The law would be changed in order to protect freedom of choice on the part of the patient.  Unless we stop this administration from doing this, our own rights will be at stake.

People tend to bring to the debate the topic of rights.  However, there is no discussion about rights and where they come from and why some people have rights and others don’t.  Take a look at most laws, and they favor protecting one group of people and taking away liberties from another group.  For example, most states have laws outlawing prostitution.  This law helps communities stay clear of crime that may be brought in with this type of business.  But, this law also infringes on liberties of those who wish to practice prostitution as a means of income.  There are women who have lost a job, are down on their luck financially, or have other reasons they may need to sell their bodies to pay the bills and survive.  The law that makes prostitution illegal in most cities and states takes away liberties from one group and grants other rights to another group.  This is in the very nature of rights.

Doctors may be like any other business professional when offering their services for money.  They are like a car mechanic- I bring my car in for a brake job and my mechanic gets paid for that job.  However, like any other business, my car mechanic may refuse to do certain types of work.  He may not like to work on transmissions so he may refer me to a specialist who specializes in that kind of work.  My mechanic may not want to deal with a long-term project.  Other car repair shops, like Jiffy Lube, only do minor mechanical work, like oil changes.  It is not uncommon for service industries to only offer certain kinds of services.  Not all lawyers defend those charged with crimes.  Businesses select which services they want to offer and customers choose which businesses they want to patronize.  There is no reason why doctors should be forced to offer services as if they reside outside of a free market economy. 

Issues that the law on conscience rights affect are not menial.  In fact, certain procedures that may be required by this law, like abortion, are morally objectionable to certain healthcare providers because it is tantamount to murder and infanticide.  Even if someone is pro-choice and does not believe abortion is murdering an innocent victim, it is still not right to force someone to commit what he thinks is murder and violate his own conscience.  That is equivalent to holding a gun to a doctor’s head while telling him he must push the trigger that blows up a school full of school children.  He is not truly free in that situation. 

In a society that stands up for choice and liberty, it is appalling to think a law that forces healthcare professionals to violate their own conscience would even be considered.  If someone wants a procedure done, they should have to shop around for a doctor to do it.  To force someone to violate their conscience it tyrannical and is a throwback to Nazi Germany and the U.S.S.R.  Those who fail to learn history are bound to repeat it.



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