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Global Peace- Pax Terrae May 2, 2009

Posted by earthking in Conservatives, Liberals, Life, Politics.

I was watching Meet the Press about a month ago when a three politicians, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, were on talking about the need to update our country’s infrastructure.  Arnold spoke about a very big idea- there is no reason why we have traffic jams in this day and age.  It is an ambitious problem to tackle, and he wants to address it.  However, I was driving home from work today and thought of another big idea- Pax Terrae- for a period of 30, 40, maybe evern 100 years. 

Imagine if world leaders agreed to stop ALL conflicts for a period of time, and dedicate resources that are now destroying people or plan on destroying, and spend that money on fixing problems like AIDS, hunger, drought, etc.  I remember hearing about the Pax Romana while in high school, how the Romans had a period of relative peace for about 200 years.  I learned that the resources were spent on the interior of the Roman empire and helped to foster a period of prosperity.  We should do this today, but on a global basis. 

Some might argue that it is too ideological to wish for such a thing.  It may be difficult, but why can’t people around the world push their leaders to do something like this.  After all, many individuals feel as if war is simply caused by a few big egos unwilling to sit down and talk through their problems.  Their egos end up shedding blood and innocent lives are permanently affected by death, loss of limbs, or homelessness. 

Another issue would be dealing with aggressors, such as those who took down the World Trade Centers in 9/11.  Yes, some individuals and world leaders would not want to comply, but if enough countries are on board, then pressure would be mounted against those who did not want to comply.  War would have to be avoided at all costs. 

To ensure some kind of compliance with the Pax Terrae, world leaders would have to sign some kind of  a pact or treaty with the world.  This could flow through the UN or some other kind of coalition, but it would have to start at the grass roots level.  Individual people would have to put pressure on politicians to fight for this.  After all, who wants war? 

Let me know your thoughts.



1. Global Peace- Pax Terrae - May 2, 2009

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2. Scott Erb - May 12, 2009

Immanuel Kant wrote “Perpetual Peace” back in the late 18th century, arguing that it was possible to have long term peace. He assumed that if people did not go to war, they’d be better off and able to cooperate. Thus, peace would be stable because it would have superior results. To get it, the first thing one would need would be more or less democratic republics. The people had to be in power because small groups of elites can always benefit from conflict, even if everyone else is worse off. Second, you’d need a small group of states willing to create a “pacific alliance’ to try to demonstrate the efficacy of this approach.

They each could have smaller militaries because they’d practice collective security — an attack on one is an attack on all. They’d be able to defend themselves from the outside through cooperation, and then internally be successful, prosperous and cooperative. Their success would be envied by other states and people, and over time this alliance would grow — not through force, but by people wanting to join.

It’s possible — peace is more common than war, military conflict is far rarer than the peaceful resolution of disputes. Yet vast amounts of money are spent because of fear that some dispute may turn violent, and elites are often willing to play with the money and lives of common folk. It won’t be easy.

earthking - May 13, 2009

I was unaware that Kant wrote on this. I will have to check that piece out. Thanks.

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