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Michelle Obama Hot??? May 23, 2009

Posted by earthking in Uncategorized.

I know this is completely off any religious or philosophical topic I have been discussing.  But, I just need to let the world know my thoughts about the First Lady. 

Ever since Barack Obama won the primary, a ton of people have been holding up Michelle Obama as hip and attractive and young.  She is in her 40’s, so some may say she is young- I don’t.  She may be hip- I don’t know or care since as long as a woman looks hot, I don’t care what she wears or doesn’t wear.  I honestly don’t think she is even attractive.  I was watching news a few minutes ago and it looks like I will have to look at her face AGAIN while checking out at the grocery store.  Time magazine now has the First Lady’s face on the ENTIRE front cover.  The very young and hot female news anchors I am listening to are raving how attractive Mrs. Obama is, and I am sorry- she is not attractive. 

Attractive women that are in their 40’s or older who would have made hotter First Lady’s:

Katie Couric

Sandra Bullock

Janet Jackson (she’s OK)

Paula Abdul

and the list can go on and on….

Please media people- stop telling us that the First Lady is hot and please stop posting her face all over.



1. Jeremy Climer - May 23, 2009

I tried to reply to your post on my blog but it wouldn’t let me for some reason… thanks, I’ve enjoyed our little debates – I’m going to link yoour blog as well. Hope all is well and keep up the fight for me when I head to Kentucky.

2. earthking - May 24, 2009

People are nice in Kentucky. You’ll do fine. Keep up the good work.

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